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Murva estate wines

Alberto Pelos and Renata Pizzulin founded Murva estate wines in January 2009.
On the one hand, the husband-and-wife team created their family, with Marco the eldest and then Tomaso, and on the other, they laid out their vineyards. This land, cultivated by their grandparents, and for generations before them, has always been dedicated to winegrowing, since its weather and geology have proved particularly favourable to high-quality grapegrowing. That innate suitability to premium-quality wine is further confirmed by the strong expansion of the local wine production, thanks to superbly-talented, market-savvy winemakers.
Our activity started off with one hectare, then a second one a year later, and half-hectare three years later, and in the fifth year a bit more that a hectare and a half, with the result that today the wine estate boasts just over four hectares.
The vineyards encompass very diverse soil profiles, even in a relatively compact geographical area of no more than 3 kilometres in diameter, with dolomitic limestone on the one side and marl-derived clays on the other. This diversity is reflected in the various vineyard sites and in the parcels for each grape variety.
The vineyards are Teolis, Corvatis, Monuments, Paladis, Melaris, and Murellis, four in the township of Moraro and two in the bordering township. The first two are planted to sauvignon blanc, the third and fourth to chardonnay, the fifth to malvasia istriana, and the sixth to refosco dal peduncolo rosso.


WineHunter (Merano): Teolis 2017, gold medal
Guida AIS Vitae 2020: Melaris 2017, 4 branches
SlowWine 2020: Paladis 2017, Great wine
Guida Vini Buoni d’Italia: Melaris 2016, 4 stars

We are FIVI company

Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers: www.fivi.it

Our project